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Investment Management

Are you tired of the stress of managing your own investment portfolio? Do you want to take the guesswork out of investing and feel like you need the assistance of a professional? We can help. 

Corners Financial Planning, believes that the financial markets are relatively efficient. While we acknowledge that there are some actively managed funds and fund managers that seem to still be able to beat the market on a consistent basis, the overwhelming majority of fund managers consistently underperform their respective indexes. Because of this, we are not necessarily looking to outperform the market with our portfolios, but rather we look to build well diversified portfolios that can capture market-like returns while generating the least expenses and tax consequences as possible. 

We build our portfolios with a core a diversified, low cost exchange traded funds and tailor each portfolio to the goals and risk tolerance of the client. Based on the client's particular wants and needs, we may couple the core portfolio with a limited selection of other holding such as socially responsible options and smart beta focused portfolios. We partner with portfolio platforms such as Dimensional Funds, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, and Vanguard. 

Price: The fee schedule is based on the assets under management (AUM) with Corners Financial Planning, LLC. Most households fee is .50% to 1.25% which is an annual fee that are assessed in arrears at the end of each quarter. Example $250,000 of managed assets would have an annual AUM fee of $2,500 (1.00% example) which would be deducted directly from the investment account quarterly by the custodian.  ($625 each quarter in this example)

Ongoing comprehensive planning clients receive discounted investment management, thus their total AUM fee is lower than clients who solely want investment management services only. Please see Form ADV for full details. 

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