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Quick-Start Program

What if you're not quite ready for ongoing comprehensive planning, but feel like you still have a couple of urgent financial questions that you want a professional to look at and provide you with independent advice? The Quick Start Program might be a good option for you. We will address 2 of your most pressing questions over our initial conversation. We will provide you a list of actionable recommendations and solutions to the issues discussed. Should you later decide to become a Comprehensive Ongoing Planning client, you will receive reducing pricing. 

Sample Engagements Include:

  • Am I optimizing my benefits at work?

  • Should I rent or buy a home?

  • Should I prioritize paying down debt or investing?

  • Do I have adequate insurance coverage?

  • What investments should I choose in my 401(k)?

  • What is the most efficient way for me to get out of debt?

  • What's the difference- IRA vs Roth IRA? Which is right for me? 

  • How do I optimize my stock options through work?

  • Am I on track for retirement?

  • How much should I be savings for my children's college education? Where to save?

  • Taxes!  Is there anything I can do to invest more tax efficiently?

  • When should I start taking taking Social Security benefits?

  • Am I invested with the appropriate level of risk to meet goals? Too much or not enough?

Price:  $500  (1/2 due at beginning with the balance due after plan delivery)  If you would like help with implementation, we can apply this planning fee to the ongoing comprehensive financial planning service. 

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